Hydro66 opens world's first 100% hydro-powered colocation data centre

Hydro66 Svenska AB, based in London UK, today announces the unveiling of a 1000 square meter 3.2MW specialist data centre facility in Boden, Sweden, which dramatically reduces the cost model for secure enterprise colocation hosting with true ultra-green credentials designed in.

The new colocation facility utilises the abundance of renewable power from the river, Lule älv, and is located beside a new 120MW substation for maximum power availability.

  • The new data centre is situated next to the river, Lule älv with an installed effect of 4300 MW green hydropower, which is twice the amount of the Hoover Dam in Colorado, USA.
  • The facility is fed directly from the nearby 78 MW Boden hydropower station – located only 500 metres away.
  • Green power is delivered with the combination of minimum impact on the environment and extreme stability – the regional power grid has not had a power outage since 1979.
  • Low average ambient temperatures in the region allows ultra-efficient free-air cooling all year round without compressors or chemicals
  • The data centre is located on 2 diverse physical fibre routes with hundreds of terabits capacity and multiple telecom providers available on demand

These factors, combined with Swedish energy being the lowest cost in Europe, enables the new data centre to offer significant cost and operational advantages when compared to legacy data centres.

Andy Long, CEO of Hydro66 says, “Conducting research into current and future requirements we heard that CTO’s have four key concerns: cost, carbon footprint, security and connectivity. We decided to design a new kind of datacentre engineered to meet these requirements in a future-proof and scalable way.” 

Cost: Hydro66 selected a build site in an area that provides low land costs, flexibility on space design and with hyper local access to the lowest possible sustainable long-term electricity supplies.

Carbon Footprint: Hydro66 designed an ultra-green datacentre without offsetting and utilising spare capacity local hydro-power. Hydro66 have achieved an industry leading PUE of 1.07, meaning that only 7% of total energy consumed is by non-IT equipment. This is important to consumers who are increasingly aware of the climate impact of Internet services.

Security: Hydro66 clients need long-term security of power supply, political and geographic stability, and high resilience and physical/cyber security built in, not bolted on.

Connectivity: Hydro66 recognize the mission critical importance to their clients of both electrical power and data latency. The Hydro66 data centre is redundantly connected to 2 regional power grids and a diversely routed fibre network enables 15-35ms RTT to 90% of European corporate customers.

Mr Long continues: “Data volumes and compute power requirements show no sign of slowing their exponential growth increasing pressures on IT budgets. CTO's and CFO’s need to secure data, cut costs and empower IT as a competitive differentiator. Forward thinking executives are looking at ways of optimising the cost and location of their data and we see an opportunity for a differentiated approach to legacy DC operators. With the continuing fall in bandwidth costs it no longer makes sense to rely on prime city centre locations. The biggest Internet companies have been implementing similar solutions for several years now, and Hydro66 are making web scale economics available to enterprise hosting clients for the first time.”

 “We are delighted that Hydro66 are now open for business. As we see enterprise customers moving data out of their own buildings and looking for cost-effective, green and stable solutions. This broadens our offer for all types of customers demanding a wide array of competitive and sustainable solutions for their data” says Anne Graf, Investment & Development Director, The Node Pole.

Erik Svensson, CEO at Boden Business Agency comments; ”We are really excited about the Hydro66 grand opening today. Boden Business agency are proud to be a part, together with Hydro66 and all the local suppliers, of the realisation of this sustainable, ultra-green and locally produced datacentre. I think it represents a completely new way of creating future facilities today. The Hydro66 establishment has made it possible for us to create a data centre eco-system of suppliers and competence that is unique in the DC-market.”

Editors notes:

About Hydro66
Hydro66 helps forward-thinking companies match their applications with the optimal hosting environment. We provide ultra-efficient, green colocation solutions ideally suited for DR, backup, cloud compute and HPC.  The current data model is both broken and unsustainable. The vast majority of compute and store occurs in expensive city center locations using dirty power and unreliable grids. Rising electricity prices on capacity constrained urban grids compounds the problem. Meanwhile telecoms prices continue to fall at around 20% annually. Facebook, Google and Apple have solved this efficiently by building hyper-scale Nordic data centers beside vast electrical grids which are highly reliable, 100% green and at ultra-low power prices. Now enterprise, systems integrators and cloud companies can enjoy similar advantages to the Internet giants by working with Hydro66.

Hydro66 is backed by Black Green Capital, a U.K. based venture firm investing in high tech start-ups. Read more: www.blackgreencapital.com

For more information, hi-res photos and contact details please visit: https://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/hydro66

About The Node Pole

Since 2011 data centers with a combined capacity of 175 MW have been built or initiated in The Node Pole. The Node Pole region encompasses the municipalities Luleå, Boden, Piteå and Älvsbyn in the very north of Sweden, just by the Arctic Circle. The region has the epithet The Node Pole due to its northern position and potential to become a global hub for data traffic. The region holds perfect conditions to create customized construction solutions for high tech, electricity intensive construction such as data centers. In addition to having an extremely stable electricity infrastructure, The Node Pole region provides natural cooling and renewable hydro- and wind power with low energy costs, as well as a world class talent offering. www.thenodepole.com 

About Boden Business Agency

Boden Business Agency is a municipality owned company that enables privately held companies to establish or expand their business in Boden. Our main assignment, as a part of the Node Pole, is to promote and develop Boden as a destination for data centre establishments. Boden has a unique position of power supply – redundant, sustainable and free from interruption. The local eco-system of constructive and positive suppliers makes it easy to join the on-going data centre movement in Boden. www.bodenbusisnessagency.com

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